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Top 5 Let's Get Tryin' Episodes from 2020

If you haven't joined us for the podcast before, then welcome. Let's Get Tryin' is a podcast that challenges us to live real and authentic lives no matter the journey we’re on. From life to faith to even mental health, we look at the importance of never giving up but living a life that’s rooted in vulnerability and authenticity. Through direct, one-on-one episodes with myself to interviews with those embracing their journey, we hope this podcast will break the barriers shielding the truth of the human condition.

I've been so blessed to see these episodes reach people in a way that's both challenging and motivating. I wanted to take a minute to share the 5 most listened to episodes from our podcast in 2020.

1. 011: Anxious and the Diagnosis - Part One (Interview with Stephanie Hay)

Life doesn't always go as we expect. In the season 2 opener, Aaron sits down with his friend Stephanie Hay to discuss a drastic life change that took place for her and her husband, Bryan. Also, they discuss how anxiety has affected her life and how it's essential to find the good in a situation even when it's tough.

2. 012: Anxious and the Diagnosis - Part Two (Interview with Bryan Hay)

When those around us suffer, lack of control can be difficult. In part two of our series Anxious and the Diagnosis, Aaron sits down with his friend Bryan Hay to talk about the journey he and his wife has been traveling since her diagnosis. Bryan brings a unique vantage point on how he views this season of trial and suffering for his family.

3. 022: Katelyn Tabb on Life, Anxiety and Deep Depression

Is it hard for you to get out of bed? Would you rather just call in sick to work? What about being around people, do you feel isolated and in deep sadness? These are just a few things that depression can do to you. In Episode 022, I interview my friend Katelyn Tabb on her life with anxiety. We also talk about seasons of deep depression and how it was unbearable for her at times. Through her faith, the help of her husband, and a life of vulnerability, she’s has been able to find herself on the back sbacksideide of those dark times. We believe you can too!

4. 013: Anxious and the Mental Health Conversation

Doesn't the word "mental health" feel like it needs to be sterilized? Why is that? Maybe it's because we've been taught to look at it as a stigma. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss how mental health is a real thing that doesn't have to feel so clinical. We get real about the mass number of people who deal with it. Also, we talk about some practical application as we lean into our struggles rather than running away.

5. 014: Dave Spruell on Having a Past with Anxiety and How He Uses it for Good

What do you do when you've lived a life with anxiety? How can you use it to help others? Dave Spruell is the leader and pastor over the support and recovery ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, and walks through a life of anxiety. He shares his story, the turning point in his life, and how he uses his anxiety to help others through counseling and support groups today. You don't want to skip over this episode of the podcast.

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