Episode 002: Anxious and Laughing in the Face of Fear

Episode Description

Fear is the enemy of courage. They will always be in conflict. In this episode, we’ll talk about how fear can totally paralyze us from living a full life of freedom and how we can keep trying by embracing community.


My Fear of Failure It’s easy for me to fear things like heights or clowns, but my most paralizing fear is my fear of failure. I fear messing things up as a woodworker. I fear taking my kids out into social enviroments. But my biggest fear right now is this podcast. I just don’t want to fail and fear looks to whisper lies into my ears.


The Problem - Fear is the Enemy of Courage - Fear and Courage will always be in conflict. - Fear can be the fork in the road - It can lead us down the wrong path - Fear will fight back - Fear is sneaky. It won’t always be obvious or loud. Fear can sometimes be comforting. - A huge tendency for us when fear fights back is to revert. When we’re afraid we go back to what we know and to what is comfortable and feels good.


Practical Application

REMEMBER: I don’t have the magic bullet, these are just things that help me 1. When fear whispers distractions, stop and ask the question “What’s honestly the worse thing that can happen?” 2. Acknowledge that fear will fight back and will try and make you go back to your comfort zone. 3. When your afraid, it’s ok to tell those around you. Let those people walk with you through it. Let them hold you accountable to not give up. COMMUNITY! COMMUNITY! COMMUNITY!



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