Episode 001: Anxious and No One Understands

Episode Description

Do you ever feel like everyone in the world gets “it” but you? In our first ever episode, we’ll take a look at what it means to find happiness in the midst of our struggles and how it’s ok to not be “ok” sometimes.

My Story of a New Job - Back in 2017, I started a new job at a church here in Louisville and I had a major panic attack leading up to my sharing with my previous church that I was leaving. - While my first day of my new job was met with lots of hellos and glad you’re here’s I still felt alone. - If you’re like me, putting yourself out there and building new relationships can be hard.


The Problem - It feels like Everyone Feels like Foreigners to Us - Why can’t they see how miserable I am? - It feels like Everyone Else Doesn’t Understand Us - They expect us to be happy like them? Just like we expect them to be miserable like us. - It feels like Everyone Seems to Enjoy Life - It’s easy to feel envious of people who are happy because we WANT to be happy. - Deep down past the misery we want to have joy and be with people.


Practical Application

REMEMBER: Happy people should be a compliment to us, not an enemy. We’re on the same team.

1. It’s ok to tell your friends or family that you’re struggling. It’s ok to not have good days, but don’t expect people to know how you feel.

2. Utilize those people who are extroverts in my life; they can be a real encouragement to you.

3. Challenge yourself to do something that is out of your comfort zone. Exercise the muscle of joy.



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