Hello fellow travelers, my name is Aaron Lee. I want to start out real candid and honest with you. I'm a complete mess. I've very insecure. I'm paranoid. I have severe anxiety and seasons of depression. I often feel worthless and incapable of things. I live out of fear and spend way too much money self-medicating. Oh, did I mention that I'm an emotional eater and it shows?  Why does this matter? Because we're on a journey together and for you to understand why you're here you need to know what you're buying into. I'm a guide for us. A guide who doesn't know all of the answers, but so desperately desires to breathe the air of freedom. I want you to experience that same air.

I want to be clear about something though, this isn't about me. It's about us! To join me on this journey you have to do two things 1.) Live Real 2.) Be Authentic. You "Live Real" by acknowledging your struggles, your bad days, and admitting that sometimes people get on your nerves. You can "be authentic" when you externally show what you believe and value internally. In other words, you can't fake it anymore. You have to be willing to be honest about how you are with others.

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I'm glad you asked. Some of this journey is on you. Like I mentioned, you have to be willing to do the work, but together we're going to talk about important topics like marriage, life, mental health, parenting, leadership and so much more. Our goal has to be to have real honest conversations about everyday topics that allows us to exercise the muscle of living real and being authentic.

Through the Let's Get Tryin' podcast, blog posts, music and social groups, my prayer is that each day will allow us to see new steps taken and new grace given.

I know it feels like way too much work, but it's worth it. You know deep down that you need to do this. You need to stop fighting that battle with your insecurity, you need to embrace that anxiety that controls you.

So let's go. Let's grab our bags and start the climb, it's going to be an adventure and I'm excite that we're doing this together.