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S2 - Episode 022: Katelyn Tabb on Life, Anxiety and Deep Depression

Episode Description:

Is it hard for you to get out of bed? Would you rather just call in sick to work? What about being around people, do you feel isolated and in deep sadness? These are just a few things that depression can do to you. In Episode 022, I interview my friend Katelyn Tabb on her life with anxiety. We also talk about seasons of deep depression and how it was unbearable for her at times. Through her faith, the help of her husband and a life of vulnerability, she’s has been able to find herself on the back side of those dark times. We believe you can too!

Episode Insights:

Expectations can be a anxiety trigger and a source for our depression. When we have expectations of others or ourselves that aren't realistic, we can find ourselves traveling down a dark path.

Having a spouse, family member or friend who can help walk with you through these seasons is essential. Allow them to know you so well that they can recognize it in you before even you.

Episode Applications:

1. We must let go of our thoughts and our expectations. We do this through speaking it out loud to someone we trust. We can also do this by writing it down so we can visually see how ridiculous it might be.

From this we can ask ourselves the question "IS THIS REALLY TRUE?"

I would write it down and really work hard to either let go of it if it's something I had no control over, or stopping and telling myself is this grounded in truth? - Katelyn Tabb

2. Find a community and share with others. By doing this, you are able to find purpose in your struggle and hopefully can become a help to others.

If I can support someone and tell them they're not alone, that's going to bring purpose to this struggle. - Katelyn Tabb
It is hard being vulnerable and opening up about it, but I feel like it just released something for me when I started to tell people how this is really how I genuinely feel. - Katelyn Tabb

3. Remember that your life has a purpose. You are a child of God. Go to the gospel and read of Christ's love for us.

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