S2 - Episode 016: The Emotional Roller Coaster of Life

Episode Description:

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you enjoy a good roller coaster ride? Maybe you don't, but either way there's something to the peaks and valleys of a good coaster. How about that fear you feel as you go up the first climb anticipating your going to drop. How about the adrenaline that pumps through your body as you complete a 360 degree loop at 80 miles per hour. My stomach sinks just thinking about it. If you're someone who deals with anxiety, I'm going to assume that you can relate to the analogy of an emotional roller coaster ride. In this episode, that's exactly what we're talking about; the highs and lows that come along with this life we live.

Episode Insights:

We all want to have high days, but the reality of it is, we won't want have that this side of heaven. When we can admit that life is an emotional coaster, then we're able to manage our lives a little better than before. Be real and living authentic requires us to have this perspective of high and low days.


  • Work matters/Helping People

  • Happy and Spiritually Growing Family

  • Healthy Relationships


  • Feeling undervalued

  • Feeling unloved

  • Feeling under appreciated

Depression is rooted in drastic high and low days.

We need the right tools and the Lord to help give us momentum to get back to the peak.

Often times, our negativity leads down into a low day. Do you look for the negative even in the good days? Do you consume things that get you down or make you view the world as negative? Those things are our "choices" that put us in valleys.


  1. Jesus' Love/Child of God/Hope

  2. Blessings (Family, Friends, Breath, Home, Finances, Life)

  3. Responsibility (Value, Purpose, Opportunity)

  4. Good All Around

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