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S2 - Episode 014: Dave Spruell on His Past with Anxiety and How He Uses it for Good

Episode Description:

What do you do when you've lived a life with anxiety? How can you use it to help others? Dave Spruell is the leader and pastor over the support and recovery ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY and walks through a life of anxiety. He shares his story, the turning point in his life and how he uses his anxiety to help others through counseling and support groups today. You don't want to skip over this episode of the podcast.

Episode Insights:

Fear of the unknown can be something that triggers our anxiety as well as a lack of control. When we feel out of control, our anxiety jumps in and tries to create balance but fails miserably.

Dave's turning point was his acceptance of Christ as his savior. This helped him begin to make progress in his understanding and management of his anxiety.

Be open with your anxiety. It's OK to be vulnerable.

Practical Application:

  • For those of us with social anxiety, it's OK to walk away for a little bit.

  • Work to redirect your thoughts away from the things that are anxiety producing.

Episode Quotes:

Anytime a leader has some vulnerably its a powerful moment. - Dave Spruell
If you're able to give back out of your weakness, it gives that weakness meaning. - Dave Spruell
If you press into your anxiety, there's going to be some heavy lifting. But as you come out of it you are much stronger. - Dave Spruell


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