S2 - Ep 012: Anxious and the Diagnosis: Part 2 (Interview with Bryan Hay)

Episode Description

When those around us suffer, lack of control can be difficult. In part two of our series Anxious and the Diagnosis, Aaron sits down with his friend Bryan Hay to talk about the journey he and his wife has been traveling since her diagnosis. Bryan brings a unique vantage point on how he views this season of trial and suffering for his family.

Bryan Hay - Ep 012 Guest

Episode Take-Away

  • It's about who's we are more than it's about who we are.

  • The time we get with loved ones are a gift from God.

  • The things you're going through will help further the kingdom of God.



In view of eternity is the only view that I can see this world and make sense of it. - Bryan Hay
I can't tell you why you're going through what you're going through, but God can take things that look like a death and turn them into a life you never thought possible. - Bryan Hay


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