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S2 - Ep 011: Anxious and the Diagnosis: Part 1 (Interview with Stephanie Hay)

Episode Description

Life doesn't always go as we expect. In the season 2 opener, Aaron sits down with his friend Stephanie Hay to discuss a drastic life change that took place for her and her husband, Bryan. Also, they discuss how anxiety has affected her life and how it's essential to find the good in a situation even when it's tough.

Stephanie Hay - Ep 011 Guest

Episode Take-Away

  • When life throws you some significant curve balls, the little things like drama and negativity don't matter anymore.

  • Some days are good. Others are tough. They're not predictable.

  • If your anxiety is incapacitating you, then remove yourself from the situation

  • Look for the opportunities in your trials



Follow Stephanie's Journey here: Stephanie's "Shining Light" Journey

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