042: Asking Good Questions: Creating Community and Authenticity

Episode Description:

What would the world look like if we genuinely wanted to know people better? What would it look like if we asked each other more questions and stopped caring only about our lives? I believe it would change the world for the good. In this episode of Let's Get Tryin' my wife, Jerrica, and I talk about this very topic. We unpack the reason this is important, some practical ways of doing it, and also the fears that drive us away from it. Let's get out there and start asking good questions.

Episode Insights:

Why does it matter to ask good questions? I think it helps to understand people, it gives you more of their backstory. Or it can just open the door to other conversations, you know, if you're talking to someone and you don't, from the outside, it looks like you all don't have anything in common. The more you ask questions, the more you realize, okay, we do have things in common and it creates a bond that, you know, can be expanded on. - Jerrica

The majority of the time we come in contact with somebody, we want to talk about ourselves, we want to share who we are, but we can’t forget that they're a person too and being a listener is a very valuable thing In creating authentic community.

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